Product Description

wall outlet

FTTH Wall outlet with standard dimension



This FTTH wall outlet is used for splicing and termination between indoor fiber optic cable and pigtails, for wall mounted or desktop applications. It has similar dimensions to existing telephone connections, and well suited to home or office environments.

The box can allow up to 4 fibers while maintaining the minimum bend radius. A variety of adaptors (LC/SC, & square ST, FC) can be used giving the user a flexible solution.The dimension 86(L) x 86(W) x27(H)mm for 2 ports.



  • Light weight, small size and easy installation.
  • Made of high class engineering plastic ABS.
  • Adapters available: SC,LC, squared ST/FC.
  • Special fiber routing designs to ensure the bending radius greater than 40mm.
  • Installation accessory provided.

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