Product Description

smart pdu


  • 1U standard rack installment
  • User can by means of the remote device via the WEB, SNMP to view
  • Quickly update

Major Functions

1. Remote monitoring

  • Total load current (A)
  • Working Voltage (V)
  • Total Power (KW)
  • Electric Energy (KWH)
  • Frequency
  • Load Current of each outlet(A)
  • On/Off state of each outlet
  • Temperature/Humidity state
  • Smog state
  • Water-logging
  • Door State

2. Remotely controlling

  • Power on/off of each outlet
  • Set the interval of sequential power on/off of outlets
  • Set the time to power on/off of the outlet

3. Set the limiting value to alarm

  • Limiting range of total load current
  • Limiting range of the load current of each outlet
  • Limiting range of work voltage
  • Limiting range of T/H

4. System automatic alarm when the limiting range is exceeded

5. Embedded controlling software system, support software update

Technical Drawing


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