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Basically, mpo is an industry standard interconnects solution for the high density fiber optic networks. All the mpo patch cable assemblies are made with the ultimate 10GB OM3 50/125 multimode cabling in the standard 12 fiber female to female straight through patch cord. Actually, this is a newly popular fiber splitter patch cord, which divides the female connection into the duplex make connections that are perfect option for connecting the optical transceiver module. However, this mpo cable is highly featured with the extraordinary connection brand connectors for improved the performance of capabilities as well as backward the capabilities with the standard mpo connector.

Why are mpo cables used?

Mpo Cassette Patch Panel

Today, the large number of network connections in the data centers is increased rapidly. Even, the traditional fiber cables can make the data center crammed as well as quite complex to manage. In order to rectify this issue, the data centers have to reach the ultra high density in cabling and place the entire cabling needed. However, these mpo cables are bringing together as 8, 24 or 12 fibers in the single interface, which has been proven to the best practical solution as well. Thus, the mpo cables are everything about the similar size as the SC connector, but can locate the fibers in providing the savings in rack space and circuit card as well.

Mpo cassette patch panels with LC connectors

The mpo fiber optic cassettes are the ideal products for linking the multi-fiber mpo trunk cables and dividing them out to the different patch cables. Each mpo cassette patch panel comes completely populated with tested as well as pre-determined mpo breakout cables that are specially designed for the simple and quick field installation with low training. However, this patch panel is now available in multimode OM installation as well as single mode OS 1 models.

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