• Good mechanical and temperature performance.
  • Good crush resistance, water blocking and flexibility
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Product Description

Central Loose Tube, Fiber Optic Outdoor Cable GYXTW

The fiber optic outdoor cable GYXTW is suitable for installation in an aerial or duct environment for communication. It is often adaptable between bureaus, metropolitan network, access network. Also, The optic outdoor cable is especially suitable for the situation where high-density fibers are expected.

GYXTW single-armored fiber cables feature central loose tube wrapped with a layer of PSP longitudinally. It is an excellent crush-resistant performance. To ensure tensile strength, two parallel steel wires are placed at the two sides of the steel tape. Between PSP and loose tube are filled with a water blocking compound to keep the cable compact and watertight.


  • Good mechanical and temperature performance.
  • Good crush resistance, water blocking, and flexibility

Technical Structure

fiber optic outdoor cable gyxtw

Geometrical Characteristics

Cable Type 2-12
Cable Dimension (mm) 9.8
Cable Weight(kg/km) 110

Mechanical Characteristics

Tensile strength (N)  Long Term 600
Short Term 1500
Crush Resistance(N/100mm) Long Term 300
Short Term 1000
Bending Radius(mm) Dynamic 200
Static 100

Fiber Type

Fiber Type(core/cladding dimension) 9/125,50/125,62.5/125

Transmission Characteristics

SMF 50/125 62.5/125
1310/1550(nm) 850/1300(nm) 850/1300(nm)
Attenuation(dB/km) ≤0.40/0.30 ≤3.5/1.5 ≤3.5/1.5
Minimum Bandwidth(MHz·km) —— ≥400/400 ≥160/500

Environmental Characteristics

Storage Operating Temperature -40℃~+70℃

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