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Fiber media converter

The Use of Fiber Media Converter

Different kinds of tools are used in network connections for faster and seamless connection. The connection from the sender to receiver will be established with various tools so that it is possible to ensure seamless connection for better transmission. The data connection between the computers connected in the network is most important and for that they use advanced tools so that the performance of the network will be increased. The one of the converter called fiber media converter which is used in different kinds of network connection. Fiber media converter converts the electrical signal to light and light signal to electrical.

The fiber media converter is called extenders in other words because they are used to extend the connection to different distance from the existing connection. Same connection is extended to some hundreds and to some thousands from hundreds. That is why they are used in the campuses for linking the connection between different blocks throughout entire infra-structure. As per the distance requirement the light signal will be carried in two different modes called single mode and multimode. Some of the types of fiber converter are serial copper cable to fiber optic converter, Ethernet to fiber converter, media converter chassis and fiber mode converter.

Usually when the cable is extended for the extended connection there may be possibility for loss in speed and streaming. The data transmission will be slower than usual speed but if you use fiber optic cables then you don’t need to worry about using extenders. Fiber media converter is used in LANs for extending the connection.

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