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PLC Splitter


Get to Know About PLC Splitter and Fiber Optic Splitter

PLC splitter is mainly used for distribution of optical signal or combining optical signals. The optical signals distributed by PLC splitters are grounded on the planar light wave circuit technology. The advantage of plc splitter is that it provides light distribution solution for low cost with higher reliability and form factor. The optical wave guide is technology of planar optical wave guide does the function of the shunt on the chip, plans with semiconductor process and to attain above shunt. The important information is that the PLC splitter does not use power and it has no electronics, but it is connected in the network to make the passive connection in the passive optical network. The split ratios used in the connection will be 1:8, 1:4 and etc.

The fiber optical splitter is mainly used to split the light in to numerous parts. It splits the fiber optic light to some ratio and it is most important in the networks of PON FTTX. The fiber optic splitter are divided into two different kinds in which one is FBT optical splitter and another one is PLC splitter. The FBT optical splitter is also called as the fused type splitter and PLC splitter is established by the Planar Light wave Circuit. The PLC splitter is mostly used in many networks because of its advantages. It is effective and the connection establishment is done easily with few simple steps. Explore more about this on online and get to know the pros and cons of PLC and Fibre Optical splitters.

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